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All physiotherapy treatments are claimable on health funds, and if your dog is insured, treatment may be refundable (policy depending).


Preventative Physiotherapy

A regular treatment/check up allows Lynne to build a profile on your dog. Lynne assesses for weakness , muscle restriction, limitation of movement, discomfort, instability and other potential problems.



Following a thorough initial assessment, Lynne will provide and guide you and your pet through a personalised and progressive treatment plan to aid recovery and function.



Physiotherapy can benefit dogs whom have suffered nerve injury following trauma, intervertebral disc disease, FCE and surgery.


Joints, Muscles, Ligaments & Tendons

Soft tissue injuries are common for dogs, but early accurate assessment and prompt appropriate treatment will stimulate the body’s natural repair process and promote healing.


Orthopaedic Surgery

Following surgery, animals experience pain, reduced function and strength. Physiotherapy is essential for progressively guiding your animal back to full health.



Rehabilitation and remedial exercise is an essential part of your dog’s treatment, aiming to achieve lasting results and injury prevention. The owner plays a vital role in rehabilitation, ensuring regimes are followed.


Exercise Regimes

Performed regularly, rehabilitation exercises can help improve your dog's muscle function. Lynne is well equipped to advise, discuss and develop with you a suitable exercise plan for your dog.


Physio For You

As a qualified and experienced Physiotherapist, Lynne can provide physiotherapy for you and your family.

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